Amanda is the smallest of the three moons which orbit Alphaworld. It's the only moon with an atmosphere, though, too thin to sustain life from most other planets. The surface of Amanda is mainly consisted of a blueish colored sand referred to as santal. The word, originally used by the industry, is a composition of "sand" and "metal", as the sand can be melted down and mixed into common metal alloys. However the sand is too invaluable to make up for the expensive import costs.

Light winds gently push the sands around the desert planet. The appearance of the planet from space or Alphaworld change week to week due to this. Every once in a great while, the sandy crust will be completely blown away in one area, exposing the bedrock, but this is only temporary.

Life from Alphaworld cannot live on Amanda because the atmosphere is too thin, nor made up of the right gas composition. Alien, desert-like plant life is lightly dotted throughout the sand dunes, adapting to the conditions.

The surface of Amanda.

  • Location: Orbiting Alphaworld, A-W System
  • Dominate Races: None
  • Population: N/A
  • Size: Unknown