Alphaworld Peacekeeping Authority

The Alphaworld Peacekeeping Authority (known colloquially as "The Peacekeepers") is a paramilitary organization (with quasi-judicial and police authority) based outside of the Scarabian Republic. The jurisdiction, however, of the APA includes the entire planet of Alphaworld and many of the neighboring planetary systems. Duties of the APA include crowd control, dispute resolution, crime investigation, and flood relief. The SW Army is not affiliated with the APA.

Involvement in SW City

For the most part, Peacekeepers are usually only called upon by the SW City Administration to quell riots caused during the annual Birthday Bash celebration. During the opening of the Birthday Bash, huge crowds storm the city center in an attempt to cause as much chaos as possible. The APA has not released statistics pertaining to the number of arrests made by its members during the festivities.

The assistance of the Peacekeepers also came into play during the grand opening of the Whistling Plains Casino, in which a large, disruptive, and sometimes wailing crowd caused numerous headaches for city officials.

As of 2005, Peacekeepers do not make regular patrols in any section of SW City or the immediate surrounding region.


Members of the APA are given an exclusive code number and uniform for their official duties. The only known resident of SW city in the APA is Ryan Wolfclaw.