Akureyri Trains


Akureyri Trains more commonly known as ATrains or the RER, is the sole provider of long distance passenger rail transportation in the Western and southern reaches of the SW City realm. The electrified rolling stock runs on high voltage DC produced from renewable energy sources found throughout the region.

ATrains is hedquartered at Eilat Station in central Akureyri which also serves as the main hub of rail operations. Currently the system consists of ten stations along three lines which stretch over 20 kilometers

Cosmic-City Line

(length 8.5km)

  • Cosmic Station - 2474S 2691E - This station serves the infamous Cosmic Drive In and the Pneumatic Diner two of the few remaining examples of raygun gothic architecture found in Akureyri.
  • Eilat Station - 2511S 2964E .8a - This station is the main rail hub of Akureyri. The surrounding Eilat commercial district contains the home offices of many companies.
  • Midway Station - - Located on the northern part of Caturn Island this station serves as a midway whistle stop between Akureyri and Central SW City
  • Katsuto Station - - Located under SW Chris's CY Award winning Hyrule build. This station serves double duty as an emergency shelter during environmental and political crisis.
  • Imperial Station - - This station serves Central SW City and is located approximately 200m west of Town Square.

Northern Line

(length 5.3km)

  • ěrestad Station - 2137.5S 2854E 1.11a - Constructed in the Danish modern style, this station serves as the anchor point of a master planned community constructed in cooperation with Akureyri and Pipnville.
  • Vestur Akureyri Station - 2249S 2890E .71a - This station serves one of the oldest commercial districts in Akureyri. Nearby is the Kringlan mall and adjoining subway station.
  • Durango Station - 2369S 2866E - Sits at the base of several hi-rises and an area colloquially known as "the cliffs." There is some debate as to the origins of the name of the station; however, the strongest evidence points to the failed Flying Durango Hotel and not the Durango mine.
  • Eilat Station

Southern Line

(length 40.5km)

  • Eilat Station
  • Art Centre Station - 2742S 2994E 1.31a - This station serves the Southbank Art Centre and its surroundings. Designed to have an modern and airy feel, this station explores various uses of both natural and artificial light.
  • Palouse Station - 2798S 3091E 1.31a - Serves the rural town of Palouse. The Station was constructed during the steam era of rail travel and contains many embellishments from the time including high ceilings and marble floors.
  • Cattle Corner Station - 2793S 3238E 1.31a - Serves the Tabernas Flats, noted for its high winds and dry climate.
  • Noir Station - 2794S 3557E 1.31a - Serves the city of Noir which is in perpetual darkness and despair.
  • Grotto Station - 2792.5S 3674E 1.31a - Serves the Grotto area of the southern coast known for its unhappy trees and large rock outcrops.
  • Southern Gate Station - 2775S 3790E 1.31a - This station serves the southern relief airport of SW City
  • Low Point Station - 2737S 4085E 1.31a -
  • Highland Station - Located deep underground this station features some of the fastest elevators in the realm to facilitate the movement of denizens of the Southern Highlands to the rails below
  • Sudur Grimsey Station -
  • Arrakis Station - (under construction)
  • Whidbey Station - - Serves Whidbey Island topped with high cliffs is the former location of one of the largest shig farms in the realm.
  • Buney Center Station -
  • Greensville Station - (under construction)
  • Bergdorf Station -
  • Zelena Station -

Recent News

24 hour operations have commenced