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The SW City Wiki is the one and only encyclopedia to find out everything there is to know about SW City. The SWiki, as we call it, was launched on June 20th, 2005 and now contains a large amount of articles written by various contributors. The SWiki has new content added whenever anyone feels like writing an article.

Did you know...

  • ...that there are small bird nests in certain trees in Kithicor Forest?
  • ...that there are a couple treeforts built out in the northern wilderness of Velothi Island?
  • ...that some of the roadside billboards change their ad every few days?
  • ...that the only fire department in SW City burned down in Carschall Tip?
  • ...that most of Alphaworld's population suffers from Terraphobia?

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SWiki Categories

History contains mostly lore history as well as the real life timeline.

Geographical areas within SW City territory.

Plants and Animals that inhabit SW City habitats.

Races that inhabit and develop the SW City territory.

Organizations that are providing services or producing goods within SW City territory.

Products that can be purchased within SW City.