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SWI Fuctionality Restored
Posted Monday, October 2 2017 by Commie
As I'm sure thousands of users no doubt experienced, SWI has been broken for a few weeks now. This was due to our host upgrading the servers and making some other unexpected changes. SWI required some across-the-board updates to get it compatible with the new changes, but, it should be all set now! Post here if you find any problems.... or, just contact me directly since I never look here anymore!  [think]

SW City can now legally drink alcohol in Canada
Posted Friday, March 31 2017 by Dr. Tax, Ph.D
Happy 18th Birthday, SW City!

SW City Turns 17
Posted Saturday, April 9 2016 by Dr. Tax, Ph.D
About a week late, but happy birthday to SW City which turned 17 on March 28th.  To celebrate, here's a picture of a Nimbusian spinning an umbrella.

User submitted image

Discord Server
Posted Friday, January 15 2016 by Dr. Tax, Ph.D
SW City has set up their own Discord server with many familiar faces from around the city (currently counting 15+!).  Anyone can come join the server, which is located at in the pict below.  Discord can be downloaded from https://discordapp.com/ on to your computer or phone. Come join the chat and say hello.

User submitted image

SW City Forum Registration Closed
Posted Monday, December 15 2014 by Dr. Tax, Ph.D
Forum registration has been temporarily closed due to a massive Russian spammer attack.  Please contact anyone from SW City via telegram in AW if you need to register.

UPDATE 4/1/2015: Registration re-enabled with new anti-spam methods.


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