Academy Toolbox Updated
Posted Wednesday, February 27 2013 by Hyper Anthony 1 Comment
The toolbox has been updated to display some recently and not-so-recently added AWG packs.  I have also added the (SWI) suffix to AWGs that feature SWI content, such as shops, characters, games, and utilities.

Ini Guide Posted
Posted Saturday, December 4 2010 by Commie 1 Comment
A new article on the academy has been posted reviewing some ini tweaks you can apply to the browser.

Haze Gallery
Posted Monday, February 23 2009 by Commie 3 Comments
The haze mask series is now available for your viewing pleasure on the academy. There has also been a number of other edits and updates lately. The cell space guide has been updated to reflect the corrected number of bytes objects and v4 objects use.

Academy Updates: May 11th, 2008
Posted Sunday, May 11 2008 by Syntax 0 Comments
A couple new AWG's have been added, and the Advertisement directory has been updated on the SW City Builders Academy.